Precision grading made easy.

Transform your skid steer loader or excavator into a precision grading machine with a SharpGrade grader blade or box blade..

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Get right to the edge, with SharpGrade

Retracting Wheels

Cut through piles and push materials to edges or confined spaces efficiently with wheels retracted. Lock wheels down for fast precision grading finish.

Patented QuadRod™ Linkage

QuadRod™ linkage positions blade independently on each side, resulting in rapid sensor response, which increases precision, speed and accuracy.

Why SharpGrade?

Increased Precision

Our patented QuadRod linkage is the most rigid and accurate in class

Increased Productivity

With no centre pivot, SharpGrade responds up to 3 times faster than conventional grader blade designs

Plug and Play

Easily Integrates with all major machine control systems for the ultimate precision grading solution

Quality Engineering

Designed and built to withstand the most powerful tracked machines available today

Clients Love It

Strength, accuracy, durability and low maintenance: we tick all the boxes!

Innovative Technology

With our patented features, SharpGrades lead the world in precision grading innovation

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