About us

Family owned and based in Hamilton, New Zealand and Ohio, USA. SharpGrade is a specialist design, manufacture and export business with a passion and proven track record building skid steer grader attachments.

An extensive background in specialized hydraulic systems and mobile machine design have allowed us to design and manufacture skid steer levellers since 2014. Rapidly gaining a strong following and listening to feedback from our satisfied clients led to the ground up design and development of the SharpGrade skid steer grader attachment. Customer demand for a laser grader attachment that was stronger, more reliable and accurate was an overwhelming driver in the successful design and deployment of this market leading skid steer attachment.

Operating with machine control: 2D laser, Sonic tracker, 3D GPS and Robot positioning technology meant the latest development was truly state-of-the-art, and additional world first features have cemented SharpGrades position as a market leading, best in breed solution for skid steer grading and levelling.

Continuous innovation and the motivation to always be a world leading business led to the development of new solutions utilizing machine control, 2D laser, Sonic tracker, 3D GPS and Robot positioning technology. These advances providing a simple, robust and cost-effective solution for SharpGrade products, the QuadGrade 2D machine control system and QuadGrade Pro wireless system are ideal for mini skids and the rental market, and where no easily accessible power supply is available, QuadGrade Power Pro provides a rechargeable battery solution.

Solutions based and technologically driven, SharpGrade operates out of a modern manufacturing facility with an extremely strong emphasis on sustainable manufacturing. Our passion extends beyond the machinery to also include the world around us with every part of our operation optimized to minimize environmental impact.

Since 1992 our sister companies have developed and delivered technology now adopted by several well-known large construction equipment companies in the USA, and our SharpGrade products are now available throughout the USA and the world. Servicing the USA SharpGrade operates distribution hubs in OH to support our rapidly growing dealer network.

Focusing on training and continuous development of our staff to reach their best potential is as important to the SharpGrade business as our products.

The SharpGrade Grader Series, reflects how we listen to our customers then adopt and adapt with technological advances such as achieving zero cross coupling, robust, hydraulically controlled wings and the ability to grade forward and reverse.