B87 Heavy Duty 87" (2.2m)

SharpGrade Box Blade Retracting Series

Our B87 SharpGrade Heavy Duty 87" (2.2m) Box Blade Grader comes with patented sealed, shielded and lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage, adjustable hitch plate, underslung walking beam and retracting front wheels, the SharpGrade B87 is built for hard work. Suited to large frame machines in the 75 -120HP bracket, ideal for heavy stone and aggregate work, large flat work, green house floors, curb & sidewalk prep, sub divisions, etc, especially with 3D control.

  • Sealed, shielded and lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage; Never requires greasing
  • Retracting front wheels: use as a dozer, buck piles, confined areas, while maintaining accuracy
  • No centre pivot; 3 times faster to grade than conventional designs, no duck walking
  • Adjustable Hitch plate: sets chassis level on lower stops for precision grading
  • Underslung walking beam: reduces wheel scuff in turns

Product Details

Transform your skidsteer loader into a precision box grader

Get the performance of a larger grading machine right from the seat of your skidsteer loader and take advantage of your loader's inherent manoeuvrability to level ground with unparalleled ease and efficiency.


The standard QuadGrade 2D Laser Control system integrates with any 3D system, allowing you to easily grade complex contours with several gradients, diverging offset crown and different cambers directly from the control of the SharpGrade.

Accurate grading made easy

The SharpGrade Box Blade enables you to accurately level to within less than 1/8" (3mm). Using a SharpGrade Box Blade is up to ten times faster than levelling using a skidsteer with standard bucket attachment.

Features such as knife edge side shields and retracting wheel allow you to accurately trim right up to edges and get into tight corners. Large mirrors let you see exactly what's happening on the whole front blade, eliminating blind spots.

Fast results

Designed specifically to work on skidsteer loaders the SharpGrade Box Blade works in forward and reverse for optimal efficiency. Twin pivoting blades give the ability to cut, carry, trim, spread and finish in one pass, in either direction, for speed and control. A curved mouldboard ensures wet material can be easily rolled. Operated from your machine's hydraulic system, in-cab adjustments are a breeze and leveling is up to ten times faster than leveling using a skidsteer and standard bucket attachment.

Plug and play attachment

The SharpGrade Box Blade is quick and easy to attach to your machine. No tools required, simply clip the unit into place and attach the hoses and you're ready to start work.

Maintenance free performance

Designed and built with longevity in mind, the SharpGrade Box Blade features induction hardened pins, self-lubricated bushes and dirt seals in all moving joints, so it won’t let you down when time equals money. The patented, sealed QuadRod system keeps the blade rigid and accurate at all times, with low maintenance. Simple hydraulic valves with built in relief protects the system from overload. Valves feature manual override capability to allow easy diagnosis if there is ever a problem.

Standard Features:

  • Optional QuadGrade 2D system with adjustable grade height receivers:
  • We offer our bespoke QuadGrade 2D machine control system or can supply our attachment bare but ready for Topcon or Leica 2D or 3D. Our QuadGrade system can electronically adjust the grade height 1/25" (1mm) at a time without leaving your seat. Increased receiver range means you stay on grade longer. It is highly accurate and easy to use, the blade can be manually operated by the 4 in 1 control at any time, with or without the laser control connected. Compatible with skid steers, small wheel loaders and mini excavators
  • Greased for life, low maintenance design. Induction hardened pins, permanently sealed, self-lubricated bushes and dirt seals in all moving joints provide a long low maintenance life.
  • Unique QuadRod Linkage. The Patented QuadRod system gives unparalleled rigidity, allowing use on 100+ HP machines. With only 4 arms, the outboard cylinders are directly connected to the outer edges of the blade, achieving the ultimate in accuracy. All joints are lifetime sealed, lubricated and maintenance free, with no greasing required.
  • Retracting wheels: Offer the ultimate in compact grading, get up close to walls, curbs, foundations or use as a bulldozer, while providing the shortest transport length in class.
  • Adjustable hitch plate: Sets SharpGrade perfectly level with boom fully down to provide the ultimate in rigidity. This reduces track and tyre wear and boom and linkage wear as the SharpGrade is pushing on the front of the machine instead of transferring the load to the rear of the machine through the linkages. This is especially important with vertical lift machines.
  • Twin parabolic mirrors: See the front blade and both front wing tips for confident grading in confined areas, along walls, curbs or foundations.
  • Graduated, galvanized laminated laser poles: Quick, easy set up of laser receivers with our built in measuring tapes on our laser poles. Available in metric and imperial dimensioning, no tape measure required. Lamination reduces vibration of the receivers.
B87 Heavy Duty 87"  (2.2m)

SharpGrade B87 Heavy Duty 87" (2.2m)

QuadGrade 2D Laser Control Package


3D GPS or TPS Machine Control


Blade Width

87" (2.2m)

Twin Blade System


Retracting Wheels


Machine Weight

2120 lb (960kg)

Horsepower Range

75-120 HP

  • Scarifiers: Used for compacted surfaces, tugnsten granule coated teeth protrude 2" (50mm) below blade height, scarify forwards, trail in reverse, pin up when not in use or quickly remove.
  • Removable laser poles: quickly change from long to short poles for indoor work or working in height restricted areas. No tools required.
  • Direct Connect: Connect the SharpGrade Box Blade to the base machine via the 14 pin plug on the boom, the operator can directly control the SharpGrade from the extra buttons on the handles. We have Direct Connect kits available for most brands, including ASV, Bobcat, Case, Cat, Deere, Kubota, Takeuchi & Wacker Neuson.
  • QuadGrade Sonic system: Reads a string line, curb lip, or the ground for grades not possible to achieve with a laser. Plugs directly in and reads off the control panel. Height and slope adjustable from cab.
  • Other Control Systems: Available Topcon Ready or Leica Ready with Direct Connect.

Our SharpGrade Box Blade attachments can be supplied in one to two weeks of order, if in stock.

Delivery will incur a freight fee if delivered out of town by truck or courier.

Spare components not sold with the attachment or out of warranty will incur a freight fee.

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