BF87 or BF48 Non Retracting (87"/2.2m) or (48"/1.2m)

SharpGrade Box Blade Fixed

Our BF87 SharpGrade (87"/2.2m) Fixed non retracting series (SharpBlade) shares the same sealed, shielded & lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage as the Heavy Duty series. The mono beam chassis and close coupled wheels offer low ground pressure and exceptional visibility. Close coupled wheels fit into tighter spaces than traditional walking beam design. Ideal for mid-frame skid steers in the 75 – 90HP bracket: large flat work, equestrian surfaces, curb & gutter / side walk prep, cycle ways etc.

Our BF48 SharpGrade (48"/1.2m) is suitable for MINI SKIDS.

  • Sealed, shielded and lifetime lubricated QuadRod linkage; Never requires greasing
  • Mono-beam chassis with close coupled wheels: low ground pressure with ultimate visibility
  • No centre pivot: 3 times faster to grade than conventional designs, no duck walking
  • Adjustable Hitch plate: sets chassis level on lower stops for precision grading
  • Underslung walking beam design: reduces wheel scuff in turns

Product Details


  • Patented Quadrod Linkage: Most rigid, rugged and accurate linkage in class
  • Sealed, shielded & lifetime lubricated Hardilube bushes: Never require greasing
  • Twin, close coupled wheels: Slim design enhances manoeuvrability and visibility
  • Underslung wheel pivot: Reduces wheel scuffing in turns & reversing direction
  • Pivoting rear blade: Reduces material packing between blades, increasing accuracy
  • Twin parabolic mirrors: Provide optimum visibility of blade & both side wings
  • Graduated, galvanized, laminated receiver poles: Quick, easy setup, no tape measure required. Lamination reduces vibration of receivers
  • High-performance proportional valves: Optimum control, immune to back pressure


  • Optional QuadGrade 2D system with adjustable grade height receivers: We offer our bespoke QuadGrade 2D machine control system or can supply our attachment bare but ready for Topcon or Leica 2D or 3D. Adjust grade height without leaving the cab
  • Autotune feature: Self tunes to base machine, no technician required
  • Integrated manual override: Manual control from screen module inside cab
BF87 or BF48 Non Retracting (87"/2.2m) or (48"/1.2m)
  • Clip-on front scarifiers: Scarify compacted surfaces up to 2”(50mm) below grade height (BF87 only)
  • Direct connect: Control your SharpBlade directly from the joysticks for effortless operation
  • QuadGrade Sonic system: Reads a string line, curb lip, or the ground for grades not possible to achieve with a laser. Plugs directly in and reads off the control panel. Height and slope adjustable from cab
  • 3D control: GPS & TPS options available
  • Other Control Systems: Available Topcon Ready or Leica Ready with Direct Connect

Our SharpBlade attachments can be supplied in one to two weeks of order, if in stock.

Delivery will incur a freight fee if delivered out of town by truck or courier.

Spare components not sold with the attachment or out of warranty will incur a freight fee.

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