TurfGrader Power Rake Accessory

SharpGrade Box Blade Retracting Series

Integrated power rake mounted on SharpGrade Box Blade, suitable for B87 Heavy Duty 87" (2.2m) and Mini Skid Steers and Compact Wheel Loaders in B72 Compact 72" (1.8m) and B60 Junior 60" (1.5m). Ideal in turf or aggregate. Level and rake on grade.

Quick release from box, power rakes to the contour set by box. Adjustable from 2.5” (60mm) below to 6" (150mm) above grading height, anytime. Pre-set stops for precise raking, rakes forwards & reverse, adjustable stone barrier with steel rollers for maximum life Ideal for mixing aggregate, soil conditioning, precision contouring, equestrian surfaces, lawns, landscaping etc.

  • Direct drive drum: no chain case or chain to beak, stretch or require lubrication
  • Sealed drum bearings & bushes: nothing to grease or oil on any part of ScapeRake
  • Contours in relation to box: 2.5” (60mm) below to 6” (150mm) above grading height
  • Removed & installed in 5 minutes: easy to change between power rake & grading box
  • Adjustable stone barrier with steel rollers: last 4 times longer than plastic barrier

Product Details

Power rake attachment option for Sharpgrade Box Blade B87 Heavy Duty series and Mini SkidB72 Compact and B60 Junior Series

Turn your Sharpgrade Box Blade into a 2D /3D power rake

TurfGrader Power Rake Accessory
  • DIRECT DRIVE MOTORS: No chains or chain cases to break, wear or lubricate
  • TWIN DRUM DRIVE MOTORS: Reduces external length of drive system
  • SEALED INTERNAL DRUM: Protects drum bearings and drive from damage
  • HARDILUBE BUSHES THROUGHOUT: Never require greasing
  • ADJUSTABLE RAKE HEIGHT FROM CAB:Adjust raking depth on the fly
  • OPERATES FORWARD AND REVERSE: Rake in either direction
  • CHAMFERED CARBIDE TEETH: Reduce compaction, increase penetration & fracturing
  • MULTI HEIGHT, QUICK RELEASE STONE BARRIERS:Adjust barrier height in seconds
  • REMOVABLE FROM SHARPGRADE: Revert to standard box blade in 30 seconds
  • 2D & 3D COMPATIBLE: Contour the perfect a finish using 2D laser, Sonic or 3D
  • FULL MANUAL OPERATION: Manual finish areas quickly and easily


  • Recover previously unusable topsoil by resizing & removing stones
  • Prepare contoured surfaces for sowing using manual or machine control
  • Rejuvenate pot holed driveways and surfaces
  • Break up compacted ground
  • Reduce aggregate segregation / remix aggregate
  • Increase pushing capacity of SharpGrade

Our SharpGrade Box Blade attachments can be supplied in one to two weeks of order, if in stock.

Delivery will incur a freight fee if delivered out of town by truck or courier.

Spare components not sold with the attachment or out of warranty will incur a freight fee.